What Next at Leeds? Your say (Staff)

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Closes 6 Mar 2020


Thank you for participating in this online consultation. We will first outline the key components of the draft strategy, and then ask you in detail about each component.

The development of the strategy has already been informed by earlier feedback from staff. The resulting draft for consultation has three components:

  • Strategic foundations – although not strategic choices, they are features that reflect the University's purpose and values, and inform the thinking on the overall strategic direction.
  • Core academic activities –the main activities of the University. Everyone in the University is working towards supporting one or more of these activities.
  • Enabling strategies – involve aligning the resources of the University to best deliver core academic activities.

This is demonstrated in the graphic below:


The responses you provide to this consultation will remain anonymous. In providing a name and email address below this is only so that the Community Research Team can  contact you in future about the consultation itself. It will also allow us to enter you into a Prize Draw to win one of ten £50 shopping vouchers that can be used either at many high street stores or at major online retailers. The details of what you have said will not be shared with the University at an individually identifiable level.

None of the questions or pages within the consultation are mandatory, so if there are areas of the strategy you do not wish to comment on then you can skip past these and only answer about parts of the strategy that interest you the most.

Please do make sure you reach the very last page and submit your response, even if you have skipped parts of the survey. That way we will know you have finished your response. Whilst we will be able to see partially completed surveys, it is better to know that you have actively submitted your response as a final version. 

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